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The city of Lima is blessed with a unique flying spot, where you will be able to soar above the oceanside cliffs with the help of professional instructors and enjoy a privileged view of the Miraflores district (Lima´s touristic hub). The take off is very easy, and within minutes, you will be airborne and enjoying a bird´s-eye view as well as the amazing sensation of free flight.

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The takeoff area is located on the seaside cliff, right next to the famed “Parque del Amor” or Love Park, and faces the Pacific Ocean directly, providing a wonderful view of the ocean. The flight area is open from 10:30 am every day of the year.

Flying as a passenger is surprisingly easy. All of our pilots are experienced instructors and operators, and will give you very simple instructions before launch. You will be strapped into a harness, wearing a helmet, and once you are ready it only takes a short run to become airborne. During both takeoff and landing you will be assisted by our trained ground crew.

The first sensation you will have is freedom. You will be flying like the birds do: outside of a cabin, without any engine noise. There is no sensation of a “drop” or sudden movement at takeoff – you will barely notice leaving the ground. Once in the air you are enveloped in calmness, with only a spectacular view and the wind noise in your ears to distract you from the wonder of flight.

The breeze coming from the Pacific Ocean hits the cliff and this creates lift, which will be used to gain or maintain altitude. This will allow us to do a scenic flight above Lima´s coastline, and from above, we´ll be able to see Lima´s beaches and their surfers, the interior of the city, and the exclusive Larcomar Mall. This bird´s-eye perspective will remain in your memories forever.

Who can fly?

Any person who can walk without any problems, and is healthy, without any heart complications. Minimum age is 12 years, maximum 69 years.

When do we fly? When can I make my reservation?

We fly every day of the week, including all holidays! So  there is no need to make any reservations. Simply come over in the afternoons and payment is done only in cash right before take off!

What time do we fly?

We open from 10:30am till 5:30pm. A perfect flying day would be in that time span. Unfortunately it´s rare for it to happen. That is why we suggest you to come over around 2-3pm. Do not leave it for the end of the day!

Who will I fly with?

You will be flying with experienced pilots who have been flying for many years. All our instructors are trained and certified by the Peruvian Free Flight Association (APVL) and certify other international licenses. We do belong to the APIPT, who is the only Association officially authorized to fly passengers in Miraflores.

Where do we fly?

We are located in Parque Raymondy right next to the Love Park (Parque del Amor) at Malecón Cisneros, Miraflores

More info

For more information, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Includes: 10 minute flight, insurance, pictures and videos of flight in an SD card

Does not include: Ground transfer to flying spot

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USD 85 or 260 Soles