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Pachacamac is located 45 minutes from Lima in Lurín Valley, a fertile countryside location well known for its organic produce and excellent food. Here you will be able to fly as the birds do, taking advantage of thermals to gain altitude above the take off. This is a coastal mountain-desert spot where you will be able to enjoy spectacular views of the first ranges of the mighty Peruvian Sierra, and with sufficient altitude one can see all the way to the cost. The takeoff is located on a 800m high mountain and accessible with 4x4 vehicles. The warm climate and beautiful location make this an experience unlike any other in Lima.

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Flying season in Pachacamac is from november to march.

Flying as a passenger is very easy. All of our pilots are experienced instructors and operators, and will give you very simple instructions before launch. You will put on a harness and helmet, once you are ready it only takes a short run to become airborne. The first sensation you will have is freedom. You will be flying like the birds do: outside of a cabin, without any engine noise.

Who can fly?

Any person who can walk without any problems, and is healthy, without any heart complications. Minimum age us 5 years, maximum 70 years (other ages are normally possible, por the insurance for this operation

When do we fly? When can I make my reservation?

We fly every day of the week, including all holidays! To make your reservation you simply follow these steps:

- Tell us the date you want to fly

- Amount of passengers

- Phone number if possible to confirm

- Confirm per email the day before you are willing to fly.

What time do we fly?

We normally depart from Miraflores around 9am and are back around 12pm-2pm depending on conditions and how many passengers came along.

Who will I fly with?

You will be flying with experienced pilots who have been flying for many years. All our instructors are trained and certified by the Peruvian Free Flight Association (APVL) and certify other international licenses. We do belong to the APIPT, who is the only Association officially authorized to fly passengers in Miraflores.

More info

For more information, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Includes: Ground transfer from Lima, picture and video service - files will be sent digitally over the cloud (a minimum of 2 passengers required)

Does not include: Meals

Autana - Paragliding Pachacamac Peru

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S. 280 per passenger

Autana - Paragliding Pachacamac Peru
Autana - Paragliding Pachacamac Peru