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Placivel is a spectacular flying spot located on the road that goes from la Victoria to la Colonia Tovar in a spectacular valley surrounded by mountains (This is not el Jarillo). You arrive with your car, and you can possibly see already some flying paragliders. Your pilot is already waiting for you, to put you the harness on, and give you some short indications for you to know how everything works. You are ready for flying...

In this flight, we will take advantage of natural updrafts that form, due to sun heat, and fly next to vultures and other paragliders that are

flying in the area. The ground is way below your feet, and you start taking pictures.

From here, you can see Colonia Tovar on the north, and on the south, you can see Morros de San Juan, lagoons of Zuata and Taiguaiguai and the mighty Valencia lake.

1 day

1 persons

Easy - Launch is close to where you park the car




Who can fly?

Any person who can walk without any problems, and is healthy, without any heart complications. We have flown from 4 year old kids (with their parent´s authorization), to 75 year old persons. You simply need motivation, want to fly. The maximum weight limit to do this activity safely is 95kg.

When do we fly? When can I make my reservation?

We offer flights during weekdays and weekends. If you want to fly in a particular date, please consult with us, if we have availability. If we don ́t have, we can suggest you possible dates. We recommend to make your reservation at least 1 week prior to your flight day. We only fly with reservations.

What time do we fly?

The flight in Placivel in a good day starts around 10am. The time you will be scheduled to fly, depends on the order your payment comes in. If you were the first to pay for your desired date, you will be scheduled to fly at 10am. If you paid later, your flying time will depend on how many persons reserved before you.

Who will I fly with?

You will fly with highly experienced pilots, that have bean flying for at least 10 years already. All have been licensed by the Venezuelan Paragliding Federation (FEDEVIP) and in some cases other international licenses.

Why do we have weight restrictions with passengers?

The paraglider depends on natural thermic and dynamic updrafts encountered on the whole day. With average flying conditions, it gets difficult to keep the flying time we guarantee with a passenger weighing above 95Kg. (minimum 10 minutes). At the end, it will depend of the pilot`s judgement, whether to go to fly with a passenger of such weight or not.


A Paragliding flight depends on good climate, in order to fly well. If you are not able to fly on your schenduled date, due to bad weather, you can re-schedule your flight for another date, by contacting us.

More info

For more information or making your reservation, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

Includes: 10-15 minute flying, including pictures and videos

Does not include: Ground transfer to Placivel

Autana - Roraima Trek Venezuela

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