We are a Travel Agency which is specialized in Adventure Travel, Eco Tourism and Extreme Sports with operations in South America. We were born in Venezuela, but have expanded our operations so several other countries.

We love our work and we do it with enthusiasm, focusing on quality. Our goal is to offer our clients a unique, safe and high standards experience in touch with nature. We offer trips in Venezuela, Peru and Caribbean islands since 2004.

We also offer Leadership training and Corporate Events. We worked on many occasions on logistics for remote locations for films, documentaries, commercials and scientific expeditions.



Tomy grew up travelling, and many years of his life, he dedicated them to take groups to know the Venezuelan Tepuys or Table Mountains, and the jungle. Nowadays he is in charge of itinerary design, events and marketing of Autana World.

He is also an award winning professional photographer,  and among his passions paragliding since ´95. Background: 9th place in the World Ranking of Acrobatics in year 2003 plus a 7th place in Redbull World Championship. Also photography, skydiving, kite surfing, SCUBA diving, trekking, yoga and travelling.



Jenny is responsible for the management and sales team and in charge of preparing your quotation and details of your trips. She has solid knowledge of all destinations, lodges, activities and air connections.

She also leads some tours in Venezuela that require speciall attention to details.

Among her hobbies are SUP, bycicling and trekking.



Igor was accidentally born in Brazil, but is a Venezuelan citizen. He´s a professional adventure race-, triathlon- and marathon competitor, having achieved many good positions such as 2nd place in the general adventure race national ranking.

He´s been flying since 1997 and a long path as an intructor, too. And leads tours and film expeditions to the tepuys and the last corners of the Amazon.



A cook, photographer and athlete, Alex started out in paragliding at age 15, and is still the youngest tandem instructor in Perú. He dedicated his early years in paragliding to aerobatics and freestyle flying - nowadays he splits his time between mountain biking, photography, and his culinary arts studies as well as working as a tandem pilot in Miraflores and in Autana Peru operations. He dedicates much time and interest to music, yoga, and most recently, surf and kitesurf.



          Hummer Expeditions Venezuela 2007 - asistencia y logística

     •     Programa sobre el camino Sun Channel link

     •     TV MAN Union Japón - Logística y talentos en varios documentales

     •     Sun Desafíos - Sun Channel - logística, dobles, talentos, vuelos en parapente y saltos en paracaídas.

     •     Ultra Chamos de Venevisión - Vuelos en parapente, talento.

     •     Salto BASE en Sari Sariñama RED BULL - logística link

     •     Animales Asombrosos TV Japón 2008 - logística

     •     Paraiso sin fronteras - Vuelos en parapente, talento.

     •     ESPN Internacional Perfiles

     •     Comercial para cine y TV Cocosete de SAVOY Parapentes - dobles y talentos link

     •     Comercial para TV Land Rover "Boots" - logística, dobles link

     •     Comercial para cine y TV VISA "Cásate conmigo" - logística, dobles link

     •     CAMINOS, video ganador de Categoría Musicalización, transmitido posteriormente Sun Channel - Producción, talentos link

     •     Programa Radio SPOTWEBTV Aventureros de América con Benjamín Brandwijk link

     •     Programa Radio Zona Radical con Gerhard Weil - varias entrevistas y micros de aventura

     •     Expedición Muchimuk al Macizo de Chimantá a la Cueva Charles Brewer Carías, cueva de Cuarcita más grande del mundo - logística link




          Las Entrañas del Mundo Perdido - Charles Brewer Carías - Participación y logística en expedciones científicas

     •     Colores de Venezuela FRANCE

     •     Revista Río Verde - Perfil de compañía y de equipo

     •     Revista Extrema - Autores artículos sobre viajes y aventura

     •     Revista FIT - Autores artículos sobre viajes y aventura

     •     Sala de Espera - Artículos sobre parapente y Aventura

     •     Espeleología: Sociedad Checoslovaca de Espeleología - Participación y logística en expediciones científicas

   •     CG Magazin




   •     Show Aéreo por la Paz Pöls, Austria - Show acrobático y D-Bag de Helicóptero

     •     FITCAR La Carlota - Show aéreo con parapentes

     •     Concierto la Experiencia Roja en la Carlota - Show aéreo con parapentes

     •     Feria del Sol Carnavales 2010 - Vuelos publicitarios en Paramotor

     •     Evento Corporativo Avon - Vuelos publicitarios en Parapente

     •     Evento Corporativo Aceites Venoco - Vuelos publicitarios en parapente

     •     Evento Corporativo Adidas (70 personas) - Producción, logística, team building y actividades de aventura

     •     Evento Corporativo Ford (160 personas)- Producción, logística, rafting, canoping, vuelos publicitarios en paramotor

     •     Evento Corporativo Zuoz Pharma - team building y Espeleología en Cueva Alfredo Jahn

     •     Evento "La Ola de Brahma Light" de Nexus- Publicidad en paramotor, parapente y bungee

     •     Evento "Primer Encuentro Customer Service 2012" de IVECO (90 personas) - Teambuilding, Rafting.





Frank is our head of tandem operations in Venezuela. He started flying very early (9 years age), watching, observing and learning from other pilots that came to fly in this spectacular flying spot, close to his home. He and his friends were given gliders to play on the ground, and they started flying on their own, they improved their skills, flying every day, he suddenly became a top pilot, reaching good positions including several 1st places in cross country and acro competitions in Venezuela and abroads.