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Thomas Schwarzer - Tomy


Tomy has always felt an an attraction to be outside and combine Nature, Spirit and Outdoor Sports. Since he was a child, he was taught rockclimbing, has done several Trekkings to Tepuys and other Mountains, and lots of SCUBA diving, till he started Paragliding with 17 years, which rapidly became his main passion as well as leading tours to the Lost World of Venezuela.

He has also lived a few years in Germany and Italy, working for Firebird, a paragliding manufacturer as a test and competition pilot, participating in the 2003 Aerobatics World Tour, finishing 7th place in Red Bull Vertigo and 9th place overall for that year.


Igor Elorza


Igor was accidentally born in Brazil, but is a Venezuelan citizen. He´s a professional adventure race, triathlon and marathon competitor, having achieved many good positions such as 2nd place in the general adventure race national ranking.

He´s been flying for 7 years now and a long path as an intructor, too. And leads tours and film expeditions to the tepuys and the last corners of the Amazon.


Frank Tovar


Frank is one of Guatire´s young paragliding talents. He started flying very early (9 years), watching, observing and learning from other pilots that came to fly in this spectacular flying spot, close to his home. He and his friends were given gliders to play on the ground, and they started flying on their own, they improved their skills, flying every day, he suddenly became a top pilot, reaching good positions in cross country and acro competitions in Venezuela and abroads.


André Vancampenhoud


André is specialist in BASE jumps and rope operations in remote areas of difficult access. He was the first in Venezuela to achieve the 4 objects of BASE jumping (Building, Antenna, Span, Earth), and with 500 BASE jumps in Venezuela and other parts of the world, including Angel Falls, make him the most experienced in the country in the discipline.